Free Videos for Renewal of Literacy Program 

Little Jenny's Journey through the Phases of Learning to Read and Spell

Free Video Referenced in Roadmap to Literacy

Hand Reflex Story: Hand Exercises for a Poor Pencil Grip

More Free Videos are Available When You Peruse the Course Offerings at Renewal of Literacy School 

Simply click on a course and then scroll down to Example Curriculum. Look for lessons that say "Preview." 

Online Courses

Announcing Renewal of Literacy School: Online, On-Demand courses and mentoring for the Roadmap to Literacy Books.

Interview with Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl 

An Interview with Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl conducted by Robert Patterson of Leafbox

Free Conference Videos for Renewal of Literacy Program 

From Skills to Subjects: Using Writing to Teach Literacy presented at UK Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship conference October 2020

Introducing Continuing the Journey to Literacy

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