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Book Reviews for Continuing the Journey to Literacy

New Life for the Language Arts: A Review of Continuing the Journey to Literacy by Eugene Schwartz, Director for the Online Conferences for Grades 1-8

Praise for Continuing the Journey to Literacy

 I got the book and am working my way through it. THANK YOU. This is the book I've been wanting for 12 years. --Jen Dadek, class teacher

I finally was able to clear space and spent last evening going through your book, underlining, etc. What a stupendous piece of work it is. I think its greatest gift is that you bring the various quotations by Steiner into one place connected with his advice. I've never seen that before, and I learned a great deal by the way you organized it. Your clarity in framing the issues was very helpful. I was especially interested in the history and English sections, the description of economy in teaching, and some of the various innovations or not. I didn't know that Norse mythology was an innovation. It's clear to me that the history curriculum has to be revised in each country, and I'm sure Steiner would have done so, had he lived into our time.

How I wished I had had the book at the beginning of my own training, and, of course, when I began doing teacher training. I will be doing three hours this Saturday, and I'm glad to have had the time with the book.

What you have done is to bring what Steiner actually indicated into a moment in time. One could actually say you fixed it in time, laying out the possibility of what changes could come in the present and future. At least we would have clarity about what he said and what others placed into Waldorf education over time. I have no doubt that there will come more and more adaptations, as I believe they should. But we'd be starting from a place of truth, and that is always good. Your efforts are very worth while.

Warmly, Betty Staley, Waldorf educator, author, and consultant