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Renewal of Literacy

Welcome to Renewal of Literacy®, a website dedicated to helping you become a successful and confident teacher. It is your guide to the Steiner-Waldorf language arts curriculum. It features books, online on-demand support courses, and mentoring--as well as information about Steiner-Waldorf education. 

Renewal of Literacy® helps you and your school renew Waldorf education using The Roadmap to Literacy Books:

  1. The Roadmap to Literacy: Renewal of Literacy® Edition
  2. The Roadmap to Literacy
  3. Continuing the Journey to Literacy.

Renewal of Literacy® supports excellence in education through a balanced approach. The Roadmap to Literacy Books combine Rudolf Steiner's indications for education and modern best practices. 

I invite you to renew literacy, for the 21st century--and beyond.

Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl

–Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl,

Author of The Roadmap to Literacy Books  and creator of Renewal of Literacy®

New Publication from Renewal of Literacy®

Renewal of Literacy Edition

The Roadmap to Literacy Renewal of Literacy® Edition by Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl is a new edition of The Roadmap to Literacy (Langley and Militzer-Kopperl 2018)It shows how to fix things teachers are doing wrong when they use Roadmap so they can get up to 95% of students reading and spelling at grade level by the end of third grade.

The Roadmap to Literacy Renewal of Literacy® Edition is a valuable resource for teachers who wish to find the balance between Rudolf Steiner's indications for Waldorf language arts instruction and modern best practices.

New Online, On-Demand Courses

from Renewal of Literacy® School

Are you struggling to understand Steiner-Waldorf education? Help is now available! "Fundamentals of Waldorf Education" provides an overview.  

Unlocking The Roadmap to Literacy Online, On-Demand Course

Teaching reading in grades 1-3 can be overwhelming. "Unlocking The Roadmap to Literacy" shows how to teach reading and spelling as part of a comprehensive, holistic language arts program.

Now that you have taught your students to read, what is the language arts curriculum for grades 4-8?  "Unlocking Continuing the Journey to Literacy" has the answer!  


Discounts are available for schools and homeschool co-ops. 

beware of faulty workshops

Some workshops advertised as Roadmap to Literacy contradict the program. Watch this video to learn to spot practices that make Roadmap less successful. 

The Roadmap to Literacy Books

The Roadmap to Literacy Books are textbooks for Waldorf teachers and homeschool parents. They show you how to guide your students to academic excellence using the best of Rudolf Steiner's indications and modern research to renew the teaching of language arts and the entire subject curriculum. These books help you create and deliver a structured, academically challenging, and enriching language arts curriculum, one that aligns with child development, the spirit of Waldorf education, and the spirit of the English language.

The goal of The Roadmap to Literacy Books is to renew education, starting with a renewal of literacy. The Roadmap to Literacy (grades 1-3) shows how to teach students to read. Continuing the Journey to Literacy (grades 4-8) shows how to teach language arts once students are ready to read to learn. It includes the entire Waldorf main lesson curriculum.  

Take your students on a journey to excellence--one that will equip them for a lifetime of success.

Grades 4-8: Read to Learn

Continuing the Journey to Literacy

Once you have taught your students to read, check out the sequel to The Roadmap to Literacy: Continuing the Journey to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 4 through 8 by Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl. It shows how to teach language arts and the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum! 

Grades 1-3: Learn to Read

The Roadmap to Literacy

The Roadmap to Literacy: A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 1 through 3 is the original edition by Janet Langley and Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl. It provides clear guidance on teaching language arts and literacy in the early grades in Waldorf schools.